SYX Files

SYX files are used to store SysEx messages, usually for patch data.

Reading and Writing

To read a SYX file:

messages = mido.read_syx_file('patch.syx')

To write a SYX file:

mido.write_syx_file('patch.syx', messages)

Non-sysex messages will be ignored.

Plain Text Format

Mido also supports plain text SYX files. These are read in exactly the same way:

messages = mido.read_syx_file('patch.txt')

read_syx_file() determines which format the file is by looking at the first byte. It raises ValueError if file is plain text and byte is not a 2-digit hex number.

To write plain text:

mido.write_syx_file('patch.txt', messages, plaintext=True)

This will write the messages as hex encoded bytes with one message per line:

F0 00 01 5D 02 00 F7
F0 00 01 5D 03 00 F7