Mido - MIDI Objects for Python

Mido is a library for working with MIDI messages and ports. It’s designed to be as straight forward and Pythonic as possible.

>>> import mido
>>> output = mido.open_output()
>>> output.send(mido.Message('note_on', note=60, velocity=64))
>>> with input as mido.open_input('SH-201'):
...     for msg in input:
...         print(msg)
>>> msg = mido.Message('program_change', program=10)
>>> msg.type
>>> msg.channel = 2
>>> msg2 = msg.copy(program=9)
<message program_change channel=2, program=9, time=0>

Mido is short for MIDi Objects.

Source Code

Latest version of the code: http://github.com/olemb/mido/ .

Latest development version: http://github.com/olemb/mido/tree/develop/

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