Mido requires Python version 3.7 or higher.

A few dependencies are also required in order to allow Mido to introspect its own version:

  • packaging

  • importlib_metadata for Python < 3.8


Dependency management is handled automatically when installing using the recommended methods. No need to bother installing these manually.


Dependencies for the loaded on-demand port backend(s) are optional unless you want to use the ports feature.

See Backends for help choosing a backend.


The recommended installation method is to use pip to retrieve the package from PyPi.


Consider using a virtual environment to isolate your installation from your current environment.

This ensures that you always get the latest released stable version:

python3 -m pip install mido

Or, alternatively, if you want to use ports with the default backend:

python3 -m pip install mido[ports-rtmidi]

See Backends for installation instructions for other backends.