Installing Mido


Mido targets Python 2.7 and 3.2. It is developed and tested in Ubuntu and Mac OS X, but should also work in Windows.

Everything is implemented in pure Python, so no compilation is required.

There are no external dependencies unless you want to use the port backends, which are loaded on demand.

Mido comes with backends for PortMidi, python-rtmidi and Pygame.


To install:

$ pip install mido

Installing PortMidi (Optional)

PortMidi is available in Ubuntu as libportmidi-dev and in MacPorts and Homebrew as portmidi.

Installing python-rtmidi (Optional)

python-rtmidi requires, which is available in Ubuntu as librtmidi-dev (and possible also available as a package in MacPorts and Homebrew.

Ideally this should work:

$ pip install python-rtmidi

but the package appears to be broken in PyPI. To get around this you can do:

$ pip install --pre python-rtmidi

The --pre is because pip refuses to install when the library looks like a pre-release, and says: “Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement XYZ.”)